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Our Staff - Our Staff

Shawley School Staff

Leadership Team

Mrs Catherine Milner - Head Teacher (Responsible for Teaching and Learning & Curriculum)

Ms Jane Lee - Deputy Head Teacher (Y1/2 Phase Leader)

Mrs Lucy Shallcrass (Y5/6 Phase Leader, Assessment) 

Mrs Kim Harper - Assistant Head Teacher (Responsibility for Inclusion - SENCo)

Mrs Catherine McNab - School Business Manager

Holly Class (Reception)
Mrs Alice Morina (Responsibility for Art)

Willow Class (Reception)
Mrs Katie Harrison (Early Years Foundation Stage Team Leader with responsibility for PSHE)

Oak Class (Year 1)
Mrs Lisa Robinson (Responsibility for Music & RE)

Ash Class (Year 1/2)
Mrs Jenny Wixted (Responsibility for History)
Mrs Janine Fortune (Responsibility for Geography)

Fir Class (Year 2)
Ms Jane Lee (Y1/2 Phase Leader with responsibility for Writing, Spelling, Behaviour, Coaching & CPD)
Mrs Kelly Clement (Responsibility for Learning environment)

Beech Class (Year 3)
Ms Camilla Spare (Responsibility for Community Liaison) 
Mrs Amelia Rusbridge (Resonsibility for Reading)

Chestnut Class (Year 3/4)  
Mrs Anna Stephenson (Responsibility for the Library)
Miss Carrie Miller

Sycamore Class (Year 4/5)  
Miss Becky Lefley (Y3/4 Team Leader and responsibility for PE)
Mrs Jolie Gallagher (SCITT Trainee)

Maple Class (Year 5)
Mr Jamie Lewry (Responsibility for Maths)

Elm Class (Year 5/6)
Miss Sophie Dowe (Responsibility for Science) 

Rowan Class (Year 6)
Mrs Lucy Shallcrass (Y5/6 Phase Leader and responsibility for Assessment)
Mrs Sarah Marshall (Responsibility for French)

PPA Teacher   Mrs Sam Maskell

Support Staff
Mrs Catherine McNab - School Business Manager
Mrs Janet Hollis - Senior Administrative Assistant
Mrs Jo Copeland - Administrative Assistant
Ms Fiona Pethig - Office Assistant       
Mrs Beverley Marsh - Office Assistant               
Mrs Dianne Royle - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor   
Mrs Kate Dyer - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Natasha Snelling - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sharron Godfrey - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Katie Spurr - 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Claire Cook - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Miss Michelle Packham - 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Miss Stephanie Smith - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Maria Rae - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor                        
Mrs Anita Jackson - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sherrie Sparling - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor                 
Mrs Jeanette Ward - 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sally Haworth - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Hellen Akers - Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor 
Mrs Natasha Morgan - 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Miss Lea Rogations - 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Miss Lynsey Bird - 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Yvonne Woolven - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sharon Harding - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Rhonda Bailey - Midday Supervisor
Miss Nicola Satchell - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Amanda Edwards - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Rio Matthews - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Vicki Maynard - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Gemma Felgate - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Kerry Zoina - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Tami Lambert - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sarah Billingham - Home School Link Worker
Mr Rob Sparrow - Caretaker



Shawley School Award Winners

We have recently started awarding children with VIP (Very Important Pupil) Lanyards when they have excelled at something. We are particularly looking for children who promote the school values and are excellent role models to others in terms of following the school rules.

Our most recent VIP awards have gone to:

Skarlett (Chestnut) - for always being kind, thoughtful and caring towards everyone. She is a supportive and encouraging learning partner who is always polite and helpful.

Georgia (Fir) - for the kindness she shows to others. She has a thoughtful nature, beautiful manners and is friendly to everyone. Georgia displays an excellent attitude towards learning and takes pride and care with all aspects of her work. 

Hannah (Oak) - who has been recognised for being consistently hard working, polite, helpful and kind. She is an excellent role model and a delight to have in Oak class!

Ollie (Fir) - who demonstrates an excellent attitude to learning. He is a kind and thoughtful learning patner who stays focussed and on task.

Amy M (Elm) - who treats everyone with respect. She is thoughtful and consistently kind to others. Amy always endeavours to produce her best work and should be incredibly proud of the standard of work she achieves. She is a real delight to have in class and all adults who have been teaching her have noticed her for her efforts!

Keeley-Rose (Fir) - has been recognised for being an excellent learning partner and showing kindness to all.  She is a thoughtful friend and is an excellent role model in the way that she follows the school rules. Keeley-Rose always completes tasks to the best of her ability.

Molly (Beech) - is a great asset to her class. She is always enthusiastic and keen to learn and puts 100% effort into all of her work. Molly is always kind and caring towards her peers, is a supportive learning partner and is helpful around the classroom.

Ella (Fir) - has been recognised for being an excellent role model in the classroom. She is caring, thoughtful and always ready to help when needed. Ella takes her learning seriously and applies a hard working approach.

Ellie-Mae (Elm) - has been recognised for the support she offered during the girls football tournament last week. She was such an encouragement to others, picking up players who were down and reassuring them if they had not scored or not saved a goal. This thoughtfulness to others was a pleasure to see, thank you Ellie-Mae.


Our School has valued accreditations

What parents are saying about us

Shawley is a caring environment where every child is known to all, even from the early days of the Reception year. The older children are taught to respect the little ones; the little ones know and trust the older ones. Personal and emotional development, as well as academic progression, are intrinsic to the success of this warm, secure school which, although located in the heart of Epsom Downs, retains a "village-like" feel.

John & Glynis Wheeler, Parents

Shawley has given our son the best possible start in school life. All the teachers throughout the school seem to have a real passion and enthusiasm for teaching. The school has an enthusiastic and thriving Fundraising Committee, consistently striving to raise funds for extra equipment and facilities for the children.

Charlotte Elson, Parent

Both my children really enjoy coming to school. They are excited to learn new things and find their classes both interesting and challenging. As a parent, I feel the staff at al levels are helpful, friendly and approachable. My whole family loves Shawley Community Primary School!

Charlotte Crossley-Lo, Parent

Shawley provides a stimulating curriculum and my son loves to share his new found knowledge at home.

Almarie Groves

A great school. We have only happy memories from our time at Shawley

Rose and Holly

A friendly, caring school, set in lovely grounds, which is always striving to improve for their students, teachers as well as parents.

Vickie Nimmo

We are really impressed with the education our son receives at Shawley Community Primary School. The school has a warm and friendly feel about it with all staff giving 100% to each pupil.

Joseph Sanders

The teaching staff have been very supportive of our family's religious convictions and beliefs, and has provided alternative arrangements in his class so my son does not feel excluded.

Asa King

My children have enjoyed their time at Shawley and love the school. They have grown in confidence both socially and academically. The staff are approachable, friendly and caring. There is a sense of community within the school.

Gautham & Saathana Emmanuel

Shawley is a friendly, caring school. My son has been happy there from the first day he started and has developed a great enthusiasm to learn. Both my children are very happy at the school and we are happy with their progress.

Hilary Neville

Such a happy, friendly school. Miss Harmer has really brought out the best in Charlotte.

Charlotte Hathorn

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